Bring Your Ass to Your Mat: On Home Practice by Taylor Hunt

At a recent workshop I did I realized that more than half of the room were home practitioners.Today I want to take a moment and address home practice. This is a reality for many of us who live in areas with no authorized teachers and no ashtanga programs in local studios.

Anyone who has been around me for long knows me for one phrase "Bring your ass to class". It is a phrase said over and over in the mysore room as a means of accountability and a reminder that this is an everyday hustle, a rally cry of sorts. For our home practitioners I would change it to "Bring your ass to the top of your mat." This is an important piece of home practice. Find a practice buddy, a partner to check in with and ask "Have you practiced today?" My next tip for home practitioners is to set a routine. Those who have a practice at a shala struggle to make/find a routine that sets them up for success and getting out the door. This is even more important for the home practitioner. Find a time to practice everyday and stick to it.  Lastly take care of yourself throughout your day. Get enough sleep, eat well, drink enough water, do what you can to minimize stress in your life. So simply put here are three keys to maintain a home practice...

1. Bring your ass to the top of your mat- find accountability, get a buddy

2. Find a routine- same time everyday

3. Take care of yourself: sleep enough, eat well, drink water, minimize stress


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