Drew's Mom-- Bring your Mom to class!

Hi, I am Kelle, some of you know me as Drew’s mom. It is because of my son Drew that I even know about yoga. I broke my ankle and Drew said that I should try yoga when I was able to drive again. That day came early May, so made a deal with him to meet him at 5:30 am. The first day I woke up and my ankle was sore so I called him and backed out. I also chickened out, but I promised him I would show up next day. Keeping my promise I showed up and he did not! Okay, so I know really nothing about any form of yoga, its 5:45am, dark, and I am alone at a yoga class. Do I cry, leave before anyone notices me. Here is where I had to make a big leap of faith. I never go or try new things without a friend or family member with me. I tend to be very reclusive. Taking a deep breath and looking like a deer in the headlights, I went in, greeted by Taylor who said to sit on my mat and breathe. This I could do! Yoga was easy so far. Then came the Sun salutation A – 15 minutes later I was sweaty and ready to die. Left and was happy I gave it a go and not quiet sure how I felt about it. But I felt peaceful – how odd! Life was good! A few days later I came to my second class - Drew was not there that time either! As the days progressed I discovered I was in Mysore Ashtanga Yoga, and probably not where most new to yoga 55yr old students would start. I have always loved being physically active, which was how I broke both my knees and my neck at one point, but life and poor choices left me a chubby out of shape person. Yoga was something that did not judge me and it met me where I was with a glimpse of what I could be. It also challenges me to be fearless and step outside the box. I loved the individual approach to this practice. The hardest part in the beginning was remembering the order of the practice. So I got the Kino M and David S books to help me remember what I need to do. Also gave me some insight in to the practice.

June, about a month into my practice, my life took a huge change, Hubby got a new job and was moving to Texas in 2 weeks, unwanted guests at my house, stress all over the place as I tried to visualize where and what my life was becoming. So started coming to class 5 days in a row, Sunday thru Thursday. Wow, stress seemed to roll off me with each movement in practice. I also found that trying to do this with my dog and cat as my practice mates was not productive. So alarm set, got my self to class and on my mat. My inquisitive mind asked about the led class, Taylor said I could come. Okay, so how hard can that be? Very! But the beautiful thing was I went as far as I could in my practice and was blessed to witness the rest, as every one went through the whole primary series. Wow what an eye opener! Not only on how far I have to go, but more importantly the spiritual aspect of each and everyone who was on their mat. It was quite impressive to see others doing their individual practice, yet be as a body of one in the led class.

This community has welcomed me, not because of my son, but for me. That is something that I just don’t find in other aspects of my life. With each gentle adjustment, each push to do more in a move, each good morning, and each nameste at the end of practice, I feel the love of all. I feel at home. I am also building my confidence. Personally, I celebrate my small victories each day whether it is having more balance, breathing at the right time, being able to touch my toes or just making it to class. I also have noticed that I am calmer on daily issues in life and my skin is fabulous from all that sweating. Oh! I forgot to mention I think this is fun! On Friday I will celebrate my first 3 months in my practice. So thank you to all who came before me and to all who are with me as I go forward. Your support is a blessing!